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The First chapter of the saga, The Devil's Womb is a free "Made in Italy" classic puzzle adventure-horror title developed by Insane Kat Studio and made with RPG Maker MV.

Part of the story is set during World War ll, more precisely in Krakow.

The main character, a girl named Franciszka Jung, is about to undergo the last psychiatric session before discharge. She suffered from various psychotic disorders in the past that led her parents to hospitalize her.
After years of prayers and treatment, that day was the last day for Franciszka: the day before her death.

Franciszcka will completely lose the memories of what happened in those last days.

In the meantime, a sweet demon without memories and without a past, named Luna, will wake up in a dark place before an ancient and abysmal evil.

How did Luna end up there? Is there any way to get out?
What mysteries are hidden among the inhabitants of that dark place?
What does the mark that Luna bears on her forehead even mean?

● Classic puzzle/RPG gameplay with a focus on the Horror genre, flavored with literature, poetry, friendship and tenderness.

● Challenging puzzles will test your logic and deduction skills.

● 4 possible endings: Bad Ending, Neutral Ending, Good Ending and Secret Ending.

● Full of digital computer-made illustrations by various Italian artists.

The videogame developer activity is very hard, so if despite the periodical game-tests I've made, you'll find equally some bug, please report immediately to me: insanekatcompany@gmail.com


Primo capitolo della saga, The Devil's Womb è una classica avventura puzzle-horror "Made in italy" GRATIS prodotta dalla Insane Kat Studio e realizzata con RPG Maker MV.

Parte della storia si ambienta durante la Seconda Guerra mondiale, più precisamente a Cracovia.
La protagonista, una bambina di nome Franciszka Jung, sta per essere sottoposta all'ultima seduta psichiatrica prima
della dimissione. In passato ella aveva sofferto di diversi disturbi psicotici che spinsero i genitori a ricoverarla.

Dopo anni di preghiere e cure, quel giorno fu l'ultimo giorno per Francizska, il giorno prima della sua morte.

Franciszka perderà totalmente i ricordi di ciò che avvenne in quegli ultimi suoi giorni.
Nel frattempo, non si sa dove, non si sa quando... Luna, una dolce demonietta senza passato e senza identità
si sveglierà in un posto oscuro in cui vi alberga un male antico e abissale.

● Classico gameplay da RPG puzzle-game a tematica Horror, condito da letteratura, poesia, amicizia e tenerezza.

● Puzzle ed enigmi metteranno alla prova le vostre capacità di logica e deduzione.

● 4 finali possibili: Cattivo, Neutrale, Buono e Segreto.

● Ricco di illustrazioni digitali fatte al computer da vari artisti italiani

Il lavoro dello sviluppatore è duro, perciò nel caso in cui ci fosse sfuggito qualche bug, segnalatecelo immediatamente: insanekatcompany@gmail.com

Updated 7 days ago
Release date Jun 01, 2019
AuthorInsane Kat Games
GenreAdventure, Puzzle, Role Playing, Visual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Dark Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Horror, Narrative, RPG Maker, World War II
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
LinksCommunity, Twitter, Instagram


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Fantastic job guys! This game was extremely well made. Great job guys and looking forward to the next title in the series! Feel free to check out my playthrough below :)

Hi. Thanks for playing! Unfortunately the proofreader made the translation acceptable but not perfect... I hope next time to choose someone better. :')

I loved playing this game and spent hours trying to solve it T_T It's super fun and I wasn't bored but I'm stuck on this alphanumeric card. Not sure but my brain won't work on this one xD I can't find out the child's name :( SEND HALP PLS 

Contact me by mail.

Okay now im officially suck qwq

This is been a fun game so far except I can not for the life of me figure out where to go. I have the lantern, and holy water. The three girls are in the lake, the piano needs a key and there is no obvious way forward. I have investigated practically every room using all three items I have and still nothing. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Write to our mail.
It is in description. :)

Gotcha. Will send it soon.